It’s been a long time. How’ve you all been?

Miss us?

Of course you did. After begging for attention in the Indy’s dumb Best of the Springs contest, we needed to relax a little and regroup. Recover a little from our shame. Maybe have a cheeseburger or two.

Anyway, so we’ve been busy being out in the world. Here’s a quick roundup.

We saw Band of Horses in Denver earlier this month at the Ogden Theater. Great show, even though we had to get our tickets through Ticketmaster. Come on, Ogden, do something about that.

Band of Horses at the Ogden Theater, Denver

If you have a chance to see Band of Horses anywhere, it's probably a good idea. They put on a great show and seem like a genuinely decent group of people. No actual horses in the show, though. So there's that.


Band of Horses, Ogden Theater, Denver, Sept. 4, 2011

People at the Band of Horses show love Pabst.


Band of Horses, Ogden Theater, Denver, Sept. 4, 2011

After drinking the Pabst, instead of throwing the can in the trash, go ahead and crush it underfoot and leave it on the floor. The person who has to pick it up doesn't mind. It's cool.


Band of Horses, Ogden Theater, Denver, Sept. 4, 2011

Billboard outside the Ogden. Pabst, anyone?


Band of Horses, Ogden Theater, Denver, Sept. 4, 2011

Thick-rimmed glasses, check. Ridiculous beard, check. Plaid snap-up shirt, check. Pabst, check. I am a caricature of the hipster. Except I am old. At least I put my damn empty beer can in the trash.


Band of Horses, Ogden Theater, Denver, Sept. 4, 2011

Of course this chick isn't a caricature of anything. Just having a rum and coke and enjoying the show.


Band of Horses, Ogden Theater, Denver, Sept. 4, 2011

After the show, we walked to Tom's Diner. Great food for a late night. I had the fish sandwich, and Adrienne had a BLT, I think.

After picking up  Adrienne from the Denver airport after one of her many trips to L.A., we stopped off at the Interstate Kitchen & Bar. Interesting. I really enjoyed the vast bourbon offerings and had for the first time in my life a flight of bourbon. Enjoyed the Interstate very much and will likely be back the next time we’re in Denver.

The Interstate Kitchen & Bar, Denver

The bar at the Interstate.


The Interstate Kitchen & Bar, Denver

The Interstate Kitchen & Bar, Denver


The Interstate Kitchen & Bar, Denver

Adrienne had the fried chicken at the Interstate. She said it was very good, particularly the gravy.


The Interstate Kitchen & Bar, Denver

My flight of bourbon. And an Olympia beer. Because why not.

More recently, we took a day trip to Littleton and to Rollinsville to look at a summer shack we’re interested in buying, even though we have no money to buy a summer shack. But we figured we ought to look at it anyway, just in case.

In Littleton, we stopped at Merle’s for a cheeseburger. Lots of mixed feelings here. First of all, we have no complaints about the food. But the service was lacking. We’ll list our dissatisfactions and leave it at that because we don’t want to dwell on the negative.

  1. Virtually every place we’ve ever been will seat you, hand you the menus, and a single drink menu. Why only one drink menu? Are they in short supply? Seriously, people, give a drink menu to everyone at the table.
  2. The Tex-Mex burger with jalapenos and barbecue sauce is amazing. But it’s a little messy. How about you give me a couple extra napkins?
  3. Once at Flatirons, the hostess sat us at a table right next to a family of screaming toddlers even though the place was empty. I know there’s a flow and a system. You don’t want people seated at opposite ends of the restaurant, making the server walk unnecessarily. But at the same time, if there’s plenty of room, please don’t sit tables right next to each other. It’s uncomfortable.
Merle's Restaurant, Littleton, Colorado

Adrienne wanted to sit out on the deck at Merle's in Littleton. The hostess said it was cold, but we found it to be just fine.


Merle's Restaurant, Littleton, Colorado

The cheeseburger at Merle's in Littleton. The fries, though, get rave reviews from Adrienne, who's very picky about her fries. She would not stop talking about how excellent the fries were. The perfect combination of crispy and greasy. Fries: A-plus.


Merle's Restaurant, Littleton, Colorado

All this space out on the deck.


Merle's Restaurant, Littleton, Colorado

Go ahead and seat these guys here right next to us. You know what, how about you seat them at our table? We have two extra seats.

And on a final note, my mom dropped by unexpectedly tonight and delivered a fall/pumpkin seasonal sampler pack of beer. My mom is awesome.

Seasonal beer dropped off unexpectedly by my mom for no reason at all.

Seasonal beer dropped off unexpectedly by my mom for no reason at all. We're liking the Tommyknocker very much.





Slayton’s Tejon Street Grill: A

I didn’t intend to pay $30 for a shot of bourbon, but that’s exactly what happened.

We also didn’t intend to go out for dinner this night, but as were walking out of the Fine Arts Center, we overheard someone in a small group of people say the word barbecue. We are weak when it comes to barbecue.

Since Slayton’s is relatively new, we decided to give it a shot. Turns out it’s not a typical barbecue joint with greasy floors and paper towels on the tables. Instead, it was a very pleasant upscale place with what turned out to be great food and a great atmosphere. There were even lounge singers!

Adrienne had the Hummus and Grilled Flatbread Trio (grilled rosemary flatbread with roasted red pepper hummus, Greek olive spread and a roasted garlic and creamy ricotta cheese blend). Seriously scrumptious.Really? Did I just use the word scrumptious? You know what? Yes I did. So what.

I had the barbecue combo platter, which was plenty of food for the two of us even though it’s priced as a single meal.

Now, about that bourbon. Check out their menu: It’s got a lot of drink options. Fifteen whiskeys, including Old Grand-dad, one of my favorites. One of them, though, caught my eye: The Pappy Van Winkle 23. I’d heard of it, but I’d never tasted it, so here was a good chance to have a drink without buying a whole bottle. I might have considered it was a special bourbon when the bartender pulled out a ladder to get to it.

Turns out there are a bunch of Pappy Van Winkles. This one is the 23-year-old Family Reserve Fancy Pants bourbon. It didn’t occur to me that a $300-a-bottle bourbon would be sitting at a downtown Colorado Springs restaurant. So when I got the receipt, I was a little mystified, but when you’re a bigshot ordering all the most expensive drinks and making bartenders climb ladders, you can’t go, “Oh, hey, uh, what’s this? $30?! Are you insane?!”

No, you have to suck it up and be a man: Pay the tab, tip well, and find a part-time job to supplement your income.

We enjoyed ourselves a great deal, and we’ll definitely be back. Of course next time, I’m having the Old Grand-dad.

Also, if you’re hiring for anything, I’m available.

Slayton's Tejon Street Grill, downtown Colorado Springs

Hummus plate on the left, barbecue sampler on the right. And glistening like gold in the center is the $30 shot of bourbon.

Old Grand-dad bourbon

A bottle of Old-Grand-dad, at $20, is less than a single shot of the Pappy Van Winkle. Also, it's "Bonded"!

A side story

So Adrienne and I are bicycling to dinner, and a carload of people pull up next to us at an intersection. The driver shouts at us: “Get a job! Get a car!”

I notice he’s driving a Hyundai, and while I know I’m absolutely right about this and on the moral high ground, I don’t want to start a fight since I’m outnumbered. But you can’t yell out “buy a car” when you drive a Hyundai. So I try to point this out to him in the politest, most nonconfrontational way possible.

“You mean like a Hyundai?” I ask. “That’s a pretty sweet ride.”

Then, they start making fun of Adrienne’s bike, a Huffy.

Really? You’re a grown man driving a Hyundai, and you’re taunting a girl on a Huffy? Who does that?

At any rate, it was a long light. I kind of felt bad for the people in the car because I don’t think they expected to be stuck at the intersection with us, and I don’t think they really considered that they were all in a Hyundai. And because they could only taunt a girl on a Huffy, they seemed pretty deflated.

Moral of the story: If you’re in a Hyundai, you can’t make fun of anyone else’s transportation. Even if it’s bicycles.

Slayton's Tejon Street Grill on Urbanspoon

Happy birthday, Linda Webber

Mom’s birthday was the other day, so we took her to Nosh for happy hour. We’ve written about Nosh before.

We had three items from the food menu and some drinks.  Mom seemed to have a good time, and I’m glad she went with us.

Happy birthday, Linda Webber

This is my mom.

Mom and me in downtown Colorado Springs at Nosh

Mom's birthday at Nosh

We had some drinks at Nosh for happy hour

The pomegranate lemonade and a beer at Nosh

Adrienne had the Nosh Cosmo, but after tasting it decided it wasn’t her favorite, and one of the workers offered to switch it out for us. Very nice. Excellent service.

I had a beer — I can’t remember, some kind of ale — and a shot of Jim Beam bourbon. No complaints.

Mom had what’s called a Cuban Passion. I didn’t hear any complaints from her, either. Overall, a very nice time. Thanks again for going out with us, Mom, and happy birthday!