Five Things I Did…in the last two days

1. Went to the RV and Motorhome Hall Of Fame in Elkhart, IN.

2. Found a vintage ad for our trailer model.

3. Ate a delicious meal at White Palace Grill in Chicago.

4. Took pictures of Cookie Puss

5. Took a picture of Cookie Puss and Gus snuggling.

Five Things I Did Today

1. Woke up with a screaming migraine for the 4th day in a row. Finally took one of Mike’s Imitrex which worked in about 10 minutes to get rid of it. Thank God.

2. Walked to Starbucks and sat in a sunny window and read a book. Dropped a glove on the way back. Found it later!

3. Walked to Crisp for dinner. Yum.

4. Took pictures of Cookie Puss on his new bed.

5. Made Nutella hot chocolate.

Five Things I Did Today

1. Made oatmeal with sweet potatoes.

2.Took pictures of Gus with my old camera and tried to figure out if there was something wrong with the camera or if it was just me.

3. Took The L to The Field Museum.

4. Shared a porchetta sandwich with Mike at Panozzo’s.

5. Took some pictures of the city from the South Loop.