Cowboys is the Colorado Springs Gilley’s

We play this game when we’re out in the world: If we see someone who looks like a celebrity, we say, “It’s the Colorado Springs __________.”

Sometimes the celebrities are a little obscure (the guy in the blue hat — it’s the Colorado Springs waiter in that one movie with Tom Cruise with the racecar.) Sometimes the celebrities aren’t even celebrities at all. (OK. Standing by the door, with the boots. It’s the Colorado Springs my girlfriend in the eighth grade.)

The rules to this game are pretty flexible. Why am I telling you this? Because we’ve played this game all over the city, and by far, the best Colorado Springs celebrity-watching is at Tony’s and Cowboys. We’ve written about Tony’s before, but we haven’t said much about Cowboys. (Beware: Their website plays music. Ugh.)

I have a lot of mixed feelings about Cowboys. On the one hand, I can really appreciate a good country bar. On the other hand, Cowboys is only a country bar in name. It’s more like a country-themed regular bar. When Bret Michaels plays at your venue, and rap and dance music are on your playlist, you’re not a true country bar. But whatever. It’s fine. It’s also expensive. Drinks are pricey, and there’s usually a cover charge.

We went to Cowboys a few weeks ago to see the Eli Young Band. I go to these kinds of shows with Adrienne (grudgingly), and she goes to Motorhead and Black Sabbath with me (grudgingly). Relationships are about compromise.

Anyway, the Eli Young Band was enjoyable. High-energy. Personable. I’m a pretty tepid pop-country fan, but live shows are usually a good time.

Lead singer for the Eli Young Band, who played at Cowboys in downtown Colorado Springs

The Eli Young Band singer (the Colorado Springs Wayne Newton!)

Lead guitarist for the Eli Young Band, who played at Cowboys in downtown Colorado Springs

The lead guitarist (or the Colorado Springs Eddie Vedder).

Lead guitarist for the Eli Young Band, who played at Cowboys in downtown Colorado Springs

The bass player (far right) is the Colorado Springs guy from Midnight Oil

There were a lot of “celebrities” in the crowd, too. We saw the Colorado Springs Mickey Rourke, the COS Kendra (reality TV star!), the Colorado Springs Kenny Chesney. I interacted briefly with the Colorado Springs Angie Dickenson, whose view I was blocking. Sorry, Angie. The Colorado Springs Tiger Woods was there. And the COS Git-R-Done guy. All in all, a delightful, star-studded night. The crowd at Cowboys is younger, a lot of GIs from Fort Carson. A decent place overall.

And who are we in this game? Good question.

The Colorado Springs Julia Louis-Dreyfus

Adrienne is probably the Colorado Springs Julia Louis-Dreyfus

The Colorado Springs Bob Saget.

Me, I'm probably the Colorado Springs Bob Saget. Listen, we can't all be the Colorado Springs Brad Pitt.

The Ritz, Cowboys (Eli Young Band), and a quickie at Tony’s

Yesterday Janel and I went to The Ritz for a late lunch. I had a $30 groupon and wanted to use it. The online menu must be old, or they must change it a lot because there are things on it that they didn’t have yesterday and things they had that aren’t on the online menu. But everything there is good, so don’t worry.

The decor at The Ritz is very ’80s. Janel said they haven’t changed it since then! I dunno, I don’t mind it, it’s sort of classic. Black and white floor, pink neon over the bar, that sort of thing. It’s like when they did art deco in the ’80s.

They have a decent wine list. I like the list at Rico’s better, tho. I got an Alberti Malbec. Janel had a mingarita. They are very popular. My brother had one when we went last summer and he said it was the second-best drink he’s ever had. So there ya go.

Malbec and Mingarita at The Ritz Grill, Colorado Springs, CO

Malbec and Mingarita at The Ritz Grill, Colorado Springs, CO

We decided to share two small salads, the grilled shrimp cobb and the iceberg wedge.

Grilled shrimp cobb salad, The Ritz, Colorado Springs, CO

Grilled shrimp cobb salad, The Ritz, Colorado Springs, CO

Iceberg Wedge, The Ritz, Colorado Springs, CO

Iceberg Wedge, The Ritz, Colorado Springs, CO

Then we shared the flatiron steak. I was so happy to see it! it seems to come and go on the menu. The last few times I was here they didn’t have it. It is soooooo good. It had caramelized onions on top, and came with delicious french fries (and you know I’m picky about fries).

Flatiron steak and fries from The Ritz, Colorado Springs, CO

Flatiron steak and fries from The Ritz, Colorado Springs, CO

It was all delicious and we sat next to the window which made it seem like it was outside. They do have an outdoor patio but it was the time of day where the sun was right there and we didn’t want to try and eat with the sun in our faces the whole time. The Ritz is always a good time and the food is great, so be sure to go if you haven’t already.

 After The Ritz we walked up to Cowboys so I could get some tickets to the Eli Young show next Thursday night, October 28th. Cowboys is a pretty small venue for bands so it’s fun to see shows there. The Eli Young Band sings that song “Always The Love Songs.” For a long time I thought it was Jason Aldean. It sounds like him. And it sounds like a song he’d sing. Of course Jason reminds me of Kenny. His songs seem like songs Kenny would sing. I dunno. Anyhow, you should go check The Eli Young Band out at Cowboys, it should be fun. You can get tickets on the Cowboys website or at the Cowboys box office. If they don’t sell out, you can also get them the night of the show at Cowboys.

Then we continued up the street and Janel wanted to stop at Tony’s for a shot. You know we have a love-hate thing with Tony’s. I had been drinking wine so I didn’t want a shot. She went up to the bar and I sat at a table. In the 5 minutes she was at the bar, TWO people came up and asked me if I needed anything. LOL. So much for the terrible service at Tony’s! Maybe they know us now. Or maybe they recognized us from this blog. Hee hee. Anyhow, we love Tony’s. Everyone else does, too, because they always win Best Local Bar in all the Best Ofs in town.

Janel drinking shots, Tony's, Colorado Springs, CO

Janel drinking shots, Tony's, Colorado Springs, CO

Gardening, Tony’s, Sandy’s, Nosh, Jack Quinn’s Colorado Springs St. Patrick’s Day Parade, Home Cookin’

I started some seeds last month. They didn’t work as well as I would have liked last year and I was trying to get them to grow bigger faster so I got a light setup. Not sure it’s really making much difference, tho.

Here’s us at Tony’s-“Colorado Springs’ Worst Bar”

Their burgers and fries are awesome!

I had to go to L.A. for a shoot a few weeks ago. They bumped me off my flight and gave me a free ticket. So instead of hanging around the airport for hours, I made DM come back and get me and take me to breakfast at Sandy’s which is over by the airport. Continue reading