Next adventure? Good question

So the company I used to work for “reorganized” last month, and in the process, I got canned.

My severance agreement prevents me from saying anything bad about the company, so I’ll just say that despite the moderate income, it’s not a place I will pine for. I was not a good fit there.

Anyway, so we are now hurtling toward our life’s next phase. Not sure yet what we should do or where to go, but one thing seems pretty clear: Can’t stay in Colorado Springs.

We’ve been seriously considering either Chicago or Dallas. As many of you know, Adrienne runs Pink Kitty Studios, which has done fairly well here in the COS. But that was mostly because of the heavy military presence here, and with the wars winding down, so is her business. So wherever we land, it has to have opportunity for her to do her thing. If ultimately I can’t find any work, though, the unemployment will run out and we’ll be in my mom’s basement (she still thinks I’m joking about this).


Scary, but exciting. So much awesome history and big-city amenities. Urban living. Chicago Blackhawks. Pizza. Surely I can find a job there doing something. But the weather. Ugh. Still, it’s Chicago, right? Quit your crying about the weather and be a man.


Less scary. Less exciting. Reminds me a lot of Phoenix, where I’ve already lived. Suburban living, automobile culture. Slightly better weather, though, and a lot of very good local music. Barbecue. Can I get a job there? I dunno. Seems like less opportunity in Dallas, but not by much. Certainly more opportunity than the COS. Oh, also, Rick Perry.

So many tough decisions. What do you think, Internet? Chicago or Dallas? Or maybe somewhere else? NYC would rock, of course, but it’s a heftier commitment.

Next adventure

A big plus for Chicago: Rahm Emanuel, the nation's most badass politician.

Next adventure

That this guy won any kind of an election in Texas scares me a little.

Mom's basement

When I'm living in my mom's basement, I will lay around all day with my firearms and play sweet, sweet tunes on my axe. I will also probably have to develop a marijuana habit and get into some kind of gaming.


Road Trip To Dallas and Forth Worth, Old Signs, Cats, and Lots Of Food

Dangermike,  the cats and I went to Dallas last week. We took tons of pictures but about half of them mysteriously disappeared. I have no idea how, why, or where. I thought I loaded them all onto the netbook before erasing the cards.  Oh well.

We rented a trailer so that the cats could ride in the car and have room to move around. We also had to bring some stuff back with us that we don’t need at the new place. The settled in right away and were great travelers.

Cookie Puss wasn’t quite sure at first.

The first day we got up really early so about half way to Amarillo we needed to nap at a rest stop. We wanted to sleep for 20 minutes and ended up sleeping for two hours! It was a long day.

PJ checking things out from the passenger seat.

OK this is out of order. I made a float with coffee ice cream and cream soda that I read on The Kitchn. It was not very good. I’ll stick to root beer and vanilla ice cream.

Now Peedge wants to drive.

Cruisin’ with The Dange.


Yummies from Cafe Brazil.

Um. Ok.

We got to Dallas friday night and DM flew out to St.Louis to see his daughter for her birthday on Saturday morning while I did a photo shoot. Sunday I did a shoot at the new studio to get used to it and DM got back to Dallas on Sunday night. We went out drinking at Lee Harvey’s, which I posted on the ole FB- as I mentioned there, I found it without a map or directions, in the dark, after having only been once before and coming from a different direction. I rule. But then DM bought a GPS because aside from that flukey thing, Dallas is IMPOSSIBLE to navigate.
Monday we went to White Rock Lake near downtown Dallas.

Lunch at The Railhead in Fort Worth on Tuesday.

Using the noggin and taking pics of the signs so I can remember the places we eat.

We are sort of obsessed with architectural salvage places now and read that this was a good one, which it was. We got some shelf brackets here.

Then we wandered around Fort Worth and went down to the (touristy) Stockyard area.

Wanted to pop in here for a quick drink before heading back to Dallas.

But it was open mic night and we stayed for the singers who, for the most part were pretty good.

They included a really old dude in spangles.

A guy who looked like the love child of Kenny and Jason Aldean.

Another Kenny-esque performer.

And yet another Kenny lookalike. After sitting and drinking while 15 acts played, we got pretty drunk. Oh well, so much for one drink.

We were in Dallas for a week but like I said, most of my pictures went missing, so here we are heading back to CO already. This is the broken down town- there were several from this set and then tons that went missing. I just don’t get it! It’s menacing me! Anyhow, here are some cute kittens.

DMs new office.

Cookie Puss is supervising the filling of the car with gas.

Dinner in Amarillo. Yum.

The next day we hung out in Amarillo awhile and went to have lunch and to some antique stores. I bought a cute little orange kitchen cart and we ate delicious BBQ at Ribs and More in Amarillo on 6th Ave aka RT. 66.

Random stuff along the highway in Texas.

We came across an old drive in that was no longer. It was really neat so we explored it awhile.

The screen had fallen down. Right on top of a swing set and bent it completely over.

An abandoned church in a mostly abandoned little town in New Mexico.

And finally, another cuuuuuuute kitten. There were like 10 of them living in this old church.

Dallas Day Four

This was a short day cuz it’s the day we left. But we got up early and had breakfast at the hotel again. I wanted the french toast the day before but didn’t have it because I knew I would have felt tired and had a sugar crash a few hours later and had too many things I wanted to do. But this day all we needed to do was get on an airplane so I decided to have it. It was really good, as you might expect…:) It was stuffed with some sort of cream cheese and banana concotion and covered in honey instead of syrup. The honey made it lighter somehow. I was able to pretty much finish it which I usually can’t do.

DM isn’t really a breakfast person so he just had some oatmeal, which also looked pretty good.

Then we went back over to Dealey Plaza since we hadn’t taken any pictures the day before. It was raining so the shots aren’t that great and millions of these pictures have been taken so I’m not even sure why we bothered, but we did so… This is the book depository and the street that the motorcade was on when JFK was shot. That square window on the second from the top floor is where the shooter supposedly stood.

Close up of the 6th floor window (it’s the museum now)

The famous “grassy knoll”!

The stockade fence behind which many witnesses said they saw smoke and heard gunfire. So many that there’s home movie and media footage of a bunch of people running over there after the shots rang out to see what or who was back there.

The bridge where witnesses were standing and under which the motorcade sped on it’s way to the hospital. JFK was shot just on the other side of this bridge.

One of those grackle birds eating a cheeto. He picked it out or the bag which was pretty funny.

That’s our trip to Dallas. I noticed, on this trip specifically, that there are really not many differences between different parts of this country anymore. Even the famed Texas accent was hardly apparent at all. It’s getting harder and harder to pick out things to see and do that are really unique to a place. That’s mainly why I stick to regional food and historical places when I travel. Most of Dallas looked exactly like Southern California. In fact if I ever lived there, aside from the weather, it wouldn’t be any different than when I lived in L.A. Some of the neighborhoods are different looking, the houses and stuff, but those look just like Denver. In fact, since we just went to Denver the week before, I’m already mixing the two cities up in my mind. This seems a shame to me- we have such a vast country- so many places to go and things to experience but it’s becoming more and more the same everywhere. It’s been happening for at least 20 years (I noticed it when I took a road trip around the country in 1990) and in a way it’s better now than it was then because people have come to realize this sameness and have rediscovered some of their own quirks- saving old neighborhoods, opening regional style restaurants. Even the JFK museum wasn’t open until 1989! That building was and is being used for something completely different and unrelated. They only opened the museum because so many people would gather in the area with questions. So anyway, there you have it.

Dallas Day Three

First off we went to try and have breakfast at this place called Spiral but it isn’t open on Mondays. We even tried to go back on Tuesday but they didn’t open till 11:00. I didn’t research it ahead of time, we just drove past and it looked cool but as it turns out, apparently it’s a vegan place. Blech, glad we didn’t go. I’m down with vegetarian places but vegan places use wayyyyyyyyyyyyy too much fakey soy shit. As you know, I am NOT down with soy. ANYHOW, we had breakfast at the hotel restaurant which we wanted to try, too. It was pretty good. I had a veggie scramble with potatoes and biscuits. It was all pretty good. Not like super amazing but good. The tea they had there was super delish, tho.

DM had some kind of cheeseburger and fries. I tried the fries, they were just ok, too.

After breakfast we went back over to Dealey Plaza and to the Sixth Floor Museum. We’ve all heard all the conspiracy theories and maybe wouldn’t put it past the government or the CIA to kill the president (I know I wouldn’t) but it wasn’t until we saw the museum that we were really into the whole thing. They have a temporary exhibit of a dozen or so (maybe more) home movies of the day. Interestingly, only the one (Zapruder’s) actually shows the assasination. The rest of the people either photographed right up until the event, or somehow turned the camera off or pointed it away or some other suspicious thing so as not to capture the actual moments of impact. The people who took the movies either brought them into investigators or were forced to turn them over so god only knows what really went on. Crazy! We were so intrigued by this museum and the movies exhibit that we actually rented the movie JFK when we got home.

After this we wandered around downtown some more and hit up a couple of overpriced western stores.

Next we went to do some used clothing shopping. First stop House of Dang! I kept calling it House Of Dange. Hee hee. It was closed.

Then onto the Deep Ellum area where we had been the night before and saw lots of cool little shops. Of course, all closed. Why would they be open on a weekday? Sheesh, Dallas. We did find an open bar called The Angry Dog. It has won all sorts of “Best Of” awards so we stopped in for buffalo wings and gin and tonics and beer. DM had never had buffalo wings before! I had only had them a couple times, but from what I can tell, these were really good.

Went over to a couple more overpriced secondhand stores- at least these were open! Then down to the farmers market. We got there really late so it was pretty lame. DM bought an avocado and ate it in the car. This cracked me up so I had to take a picture of it. He also spilled some on the seat and we LOLed at what people would try to guess it was and how they’d never guess it was avocado. Again, guess you had to be there.

I’m sure we did some other things that afternoon but I can’t remember what. I’m sure we also napped. Then we went back across town to Norma’s Cafe cuz we heard it was awesome for pie. It WAS! It also looked awesome for everything else but we were really only hungry for pie, and even then, only slightly. I wanted banana pudding but they were out so I settled for coconut pie. It was not like any coconut pie I’ve ever had- for one, it had meringue on top which I normally hate but this was really good! Also it wasn’t all that creamy like from cream. But it was reeeeeeeeeeealy good.

DM had blackberry cobbler which was also good but not as good as the pie…:)

Later we went to a couple of Uptown bars. One called The Old Monk and this one, called The Libertine. As it turns out, we were really nearby where we were the first day.

I got pretty drunk and wanted to eat something before trying to go to bed and waking up sick so we went to an all night diner called The Pitt Grill.
It was really oldey timey and retro neat. There were only a couple other people in there. They had a great jukebox which I played and they seemed to appreciate. They were really nice and the food was delish.

DM had The Hobo Breakfast, LOL. OINK.

I had a BLT with fries.Of course it was excellent. I wish we had someplace like this in COS.

After sobering up we went out and tried to take nighttime pictures of The Texas Theatre which is where Lee Harvey was apprehended (don’t get me started). But I guess we need to read up on nighttime timed exposures cuz neither of us got any good shots. But across the street from our hotel was this super skeevy hotel with a cool sign so we took pics of that instead.

More on Day Four later!

Dallas Day Two

Sunday was Mike’s birthday! Checked out of the crazy hotel and wanted food! I had read that this place Bubba’s was the best fried chicken in Dallas so we wandered over there. When I saw it was “fast food” I didn’t want to go. Also I kinda wanted breakfast. So we parked the car and walked around but didn’t find anything better. As it turns out, it isn’t really fast food, just set up that way- you order at the counter and take it to your table yourself. But they serve it on real plates and with real flatware and all that. Plus OMG it was GOOD. I dunno about the best in Dallas since it was the only fried chicken we had (unless you count chicken strips which you know I had several of) but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was. We got a seat outside and oinked out. The rolls were the best ever. I don’t usually like dinner rolls but I wanted to take these home they were so good. And the chicken was good and fried but not greasy. The mashed potatoes were whipped perfectly and the green beans were super tasty, too.

Lots of these birds around. We wondered if they were mockingbirds. Anyone know? This one was particularly mean looking so we named him Kenny.

On the way back to the car, I saw this sign and it made me LOL for some unknown reason so DM went over and stood by it, making me LOL even harder. I dunno, guess you had to be there.

What Would Jesus Eat?

After lunch there was more driving and more getting lost, then checking into another cool hotel, The Belmont. This one was really cool, tho. But it was only about 3:00 and the bar didn’t open till 5. There was nothing much in the immediate area so we found a liqour store. Texas liquor laws are almost as absurd as Colorado’s (we have no alcohol sales at all on Sundays) at least in Texas you can buy beer and wine. DM bought me this FANCY wine and some 7-UP to recreate a childhood favorite (har) wine cooler concoction. DM got some beer

And we headed to the pool. We were the only ones out there. I napped for awhile and then went for a swim. It was very relaxing and nice.

After the pool and a nap I took DM to a nice BBQ dinner at Sonny Bryan’s downtown which is supposedly famous for BBQ. It was ok, it wasn’t like super amazing or anything. That area is pretty touristy so I felt lucky that we had a decent meal at a decent price so I was happy.

After dinner we walked around down by Dealey Plaza and got a humorous history lesson from an unofficial tour guide, complete with conspiracy theories and everything. We also gave him money.

Next we went over to a neat bar called Lee Harvey’s– it’s tiny inside but they have a HUGE outdoor area with picnic tables and giant firepits. And also, people brought their dogs! It was a full-on dog bar! Best of all, two gin and tonics was $4.50. Sheesh. Then we wanted to watch the hockey game on tv- Dallas was playing San Jose, so we searched for a bar that was playing it, to no avail. We did hit up one more bar that was sort of cool inside. We were the only people there. Two gin and tonics at this one were $4.00. Then we drove around a little more and went back to the hotel. DM wanted to see what the score of the game was so he turned on the TV to find that the game was STILL ON. It was in its 3rd overtime. It eventually went into 4 overtimes! And Dallas won at about 1:30 am after I had fallen asleep.